Landmark People and Places in Oakenheart

The Current Council

The Council of Illyenos has seven members, and one Arbiter, always a former member of the Order of He-Who-Protects-And-Speaks.

Grand Arbiter Deirson Telirr

A human male, 123 years old. Deirson was elected Grand Arbiter when he was seventy-four; he had won over the favor of many rich elves and dwarves. During the election, a rumour spread concerning a terminal disease he supposedly suffered from, which only served to increase the support from the longer-lived races; many thought he would keel over in a few years. He was elected, and has kept the position ever since, with the overwhelming support of the middle class. He is the oldest living human in Oakenheart, and still looks to be no older than sixty. His life span has even become the butt of jokes amongst the citizens; rumours say he made a deal with He-Who-Stands-At-The-Gates that he will surrender to death once he falls asleep, and so has not slept in 50 years.


The most recent election was held a month ago, and the Council hardly changed. The only addition was Glatur.

Elel Galarina

A 192 years old male high elf diplomat.
He has a bald head and red eyes.
He has rough pink skin.
He stands 172cm tall and has a muscular build.
He has a sharp, cute face.
He cannot whistle.

Finasaer Wervanion

A 111 years old male high elf diplomat.
He has long, straight, black hair and brown eyes.
He has rugged copper skin.
He stands 182cm tall and has an athletic build.
He has a round, slightly cute face.
He has 3 piercings on his lip.

Aredhel Talraidal

A 148 years old female high elf diplomat.
She has a bald head and brown eyes.
She has rough golden skin.
She stands 162cm tall and has a lean build.
She has a sharp, ordinary face.
She is easily out of breath.

Thundu Smeltmaster

A 188 years old male mountain dwarf diplomat.
He has short, curled, brown hair and blue eyes.
He has smooth golden skin.
He stands 129cm tall and has a muscular build.
He has a square, ordinary face with a gigantic, braided beard.
He has a bland piercing on his lip, a piercing on his left ear and a tiny piercing on his left eyebrow.

Glatur Metalbreaker

A 94 years old male hill dwarf diplomat.
He has very long, wavy, red hair and red eyes.
He has rugged golden skin.
He stands 134cm tall and has a lean build.
He has a triangular, ordinary face with a gigantic chinstrap beard.
He smells of cookies and he is blind

Amelia Mistsplitter

A 62 years old female human diplomat.
She has short, straight, white hair and brown eyes.
She has smooth chocolate skin.
She stands 169cm tall and has a lean build.
She has a sharp, incredibly creepy face.
She gestures profusely during a conversation.

Dorophil Nellynnthar

A 289 years old male drow diplomat.
He has a bald head and blue eyes.
He has rough black skin.
He stands 177cm tall and has a muscular build.
He has a round, incredibly unremarkable face.
He gestures profusely during a conversation.</td>

Other Major Leaders

There are a few other major positions that citizens of Oakenheart would be aware.

Grand General Utari

The general responsible for driving out the giants engendered much respect and admiration from the commonfolk, and the current half-elf General was named after him. He is a tall man, with brown hair and green eyes. His men respect him, and since the beginning of the Expedition has been given credit for making the immediate area around Oakenheart safe for citizens.

The Caretakers heavily resent this sentiment.

Commander-in-Chief Tyriandel

CiC Tyriandel is publicly known as a defender of the people, and a seasoned Barker. It’s barely a secret, however, that he keeps a mistress and tends to over drink. His term is about up, and there’s little doubt one of his ambitious Lieutenant-in-Chief’s will get it. His status as a lesser noble and relatively well off high elf might save him from complete disgrace, but many anticipate an ugly election.

Master Caretaker Gaos

The female drow, Gaos has been Master Caretaker as long as most people can remember. She is chiefly responsible for the reputation Caretakers have, as she is the face most people think of when they think of the Caretakers. Her white hair, red eyes, and unwavering stare have pushed many a diplomat to cave to her demands. “Giving the Gaos stare” has become a meme.

Master Caretaker Silver

No one knows what he is like. He wears a deep cowl and cloak at all time; He is the Initiator and the Tester for the Caretakers. He is the first member Caretakers meet and the only one failed applicants meet.

Arbiter of Honor, Grael Gavelstorm

A relatively grumpy dwarf, Grael Gavelstorm holds the second-highest position in the Order of He-Who-Speaks-and-Protects as the person responsible for the day to day resolution of conflicts across the city. All other arbiters report to him or someone working for him, and he is the common face people look to represent justice in Oakenheart.

The Eye

The mysterious leader of the Dragon’s Eye Guild is only spoken of in rumour and mystery; some claim the eye isn’t a person at all, but an idea. Yet others contend that the Eye is merely a position that any one person could hold at a time. In any case, rumours of the Eye’s identity swirl around Oakenheart, with no one able to say for sure.

Head Speaker T’eriel Branchwalker

Head Speaker Branchwalker (a male dark elf) has been the Head Speaker (of the Oakspeakers) for almost 200 years, and has grown accustomed to the luxuries of his position. He is found the speakers’ bath house more often than not, and rarely does any of the necessary work himself anymore.

Quorran Coinflinger

As the face, owner, and founder of the Perfect Form Federation, Quorran holds most of the controlling interest in the involved companies and guilds. As a halfing, she tends to lull most of those that speak to her into a sense of security. She speaks softly, kindly, with a firmness most find reassuring. Her ambitions are not to be trifled with, however; she and the merchants who have joined her federation have nearly tripled their profits supplying various trailblazers and frontier settlers with equipment and gear. They were the first to set up a trading post outside of Oakenheart, and do not look to be slowing down any time soon.

Landmark Locations

Oakenheart is quite large, but a few places of import are known to practically anyone within Oakenheart.

Warmblood’s Respite

A massive, sprawling tavern, inn, and gambling den lies in the center of the Bonfire district. Partially underground, partially built out of a large enchanted tree, partially a tall building, the Warmblood’s Respite has been responsible for confusing many a drunk soul wandering its halls. Kobolds run the entire establishment; the kobold clan “Creeghlip” serves drinks, runs games, magically prevents cheating, and kicks rowdy people out of their establishment.

The complex has the reputation of stealing rowdy customer money, their children, and their pants, then eating all of it. Most of the clan laugh this off, but more astute observers notice the heavy sighs and forced smiles that follow.

In any case, Warmblood’s Respite is easily the most popular meeting place and tavern in the entire city; most of those who take alternatives do so to avoid the crowds.

The Council House

In the highest branches of the Great Oak, the Council house makes its stay. Most citizens have never been there, but most are aware of its existence as the original church constructed in the honor of the Greater Pantheon. The Council meets here for all their discussions and voting.

The Speaker’s Alcove

The Oakspeaker’s base of operations is more akin to a relaxation spa than an office. Inside, the speakers have made themselves a sauna, bathhouse, personal kitchen, balcony, and library woven out of the Oak’ district’s Upper Tier. The Oakspeakers usually only have forty or so working days a year; so, most of the time, the Oakspeakers spend their days here.

Monastery of She-Under-Wings-of-Dragons

Nestled in one of the nature reserves in the life district, the Monastery of She-Under-Wings-of- Dragons offers solitude, meditative training, and serenity to those that seek its doors. All the monks take vows of poverty, casting aside material possession in favor of a greater understanding of She-Under-Wings-of-Dragons, and the dragons she conquered so long ago. Most of the monastery is closed to outsiders, and the monks don’t speak of it. But anyone looking to find peace for their restless soul and troubled lives.

The Coliseum

Controversial, holy, and graphic, the Coliseum has been around since long before the Cataclysm, and still brings packed visitors to its stands to witness displays of ferocity, combat, tactics, and magic. While actual death is uncommon within the walls of the Coliseum, occasionally, a duel that has found no other legal recourse is held here, and final blood is spilled.

When not hosting fights and other events, the Coliseum is where most of the Council’s announcements and other government declarations are given. More common than even these proclamations, however, are theatre performances by acting and music troupes within Oakenheart. Concerts have the tendency to fill seats just as well as fights, and the church of He-Who-Strikes-and-Burns thinks the god of war wouldn’t mind.

The Plateau

The slightly raised natural platform in the Raven district holds the home of the Golden Legion. Their barracks, training grounds, private forges and storehouses all exist here. The legendary Hall of Heroes is a part of the complex here, and holds statues and exhibits in honor of some of the greatest citizens Oakenheart has ever seen.

Landmark People and Places in Oakenheart

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