Ss'tkar'jsona (the City of Night)

Ss’tkar’jsona (the City of Night)

Depictions of snakes as statues, murals, stained glass, and paintings are everywhere in the city. The snake people that live here appear to speak little, work hard, and discuss things with each other constantly. Most of the city exists underground, but the buildings that are above ground exemplify beautiful architecture.

The Outer City

The City of Night is ringed by fields set into hillsides where rice and vegetables are grown and harvested. There exists the occasional quarry, but mostly agriculture. There exists military outposts on the edges of the city; as there is no wall to keep out invaders, the snake people have watchtowers at regular intervals on the outskirts of the city. There are more at various mile markers outside the city as well; with distance they become fewer but larger. The City of Night has a few satellite cities in the outlying lands, populated almost entirely with the lowest and second caste of snake people.

The Inner City

The rolling farm fields eventually give way to stone buildings set into hillsides. Easily spotted amongst the buildings are sections of glass inset into the ground. More than half of the city exists underground and within the hillsides. The city itself winds it way up the mountainside, Culminating in a small keep, where the Council of Fangs resides.

The buildings are comprised of flying arches and spirals; underground, the buildings mimic the same arches and vaulting steps seen above. The underground buildings feature deep rooms easily forty feet in height. Hallways are wide and open, with well organized and intuitive layouts. Rooms are adorned differently depending on caste; servants quarters are lightly furnished with many hammocks crammed into a single room, while guest and living spaces are furnished simply with stone beds with light blankets and simple comforts. Rarely does one see extravagantly comfortable rooms or bedding; the snake people seem to glorify living simply but working extravagantly.

People and Culture

The snake people of Ss’tkar’jsona are organized into castes based on their “ascendance.” This usually ends up meaning that the more snake-like a creature is, the higher they are on the caste. The lowest tier is made up of farmers, laborers, and servants, who show no signs of snakehood. The second tier is made up of humanlike individuals with scaly eyes, fangs, or skin, often referred to as “purebloods.” These purebloods make up most of the city’s military, skilled craftsman, and explorers. The third and fourth castes are made up of “malisons,” or snake people who have mostly transitioned into becoming entirely snake-like. Here the highest order of spellcasters, clerics, and thinkers exist and try to lead their people to further ascendance. At the pinnacle of the City’s order, creatures that have transitioned beyond what most mortals can dream of live for generations as the most powerful members of society, reigning supreme under the Godking himself.


Ss'tkar'jsona (the City of Night)

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