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    h1. Oakenheart Welcome to Oakenheart, right as the *EXPEDITION* begins! The table of contents for the campaign is listed below: * [[Character Creation Guide | Character Creation Guide]] * [[Bannerets and Sponsors | Bannerets and Sponsors]] * [[ …

  • The Pantheon

    The Greater Pantheon

    The citizens of Oakenheart refer to the place the gods live as the “world beyond the heavens.” Prayers are often made by reaching to the sky and lifting offerings into the air.

  • The City of Oakenheart

    A City With History

    The history books have little written about the time before the Cataclysm. Stories speak of lava, blue flame, cold tundras, and a world shattering. Oakenheart was protected by the …

  • Culture in Oakenheart

    So you want to be a citizen of Oakenheart huh? Then read this. And don’t fuck up.


    The gods of Oakenheart’s pantheon play a role in the everyday life of citizens. …

  • Ss'tkar'jsona (the City of Night)

    Ss’tkar’jsona (the City of Night)

    Depictions of snakes as statues, murals, stained glass, and paintings are everywhere in the city. The snake people that live here appear to speak little, work hard, …