Trial Run

Justice I Suppose

Ril goes free

After the trial, Ril is a free woman. Registered and entrusted to work her penance for the us, Ril is now able to slowly and properly integrate her children into society. The trial wasn’t without its revelations and struggles, but it ended well enough.


The envoy from the City of Night is preparing to leave, after opening trade options with Oakenheart. In the west, Brightpointe has made contact with a nomadic race of scorpion like sentients. They seem to be open to trade, and talks have commenced with only a few conflicts.
On the horizon, however, a massive flying object approaches the city. It looks like a fortress resting on a solid foundation of bedrock, with massively tall creatures standing on its walls. We are sent to investigate, once the city draws nearer to the forest. Arena fight first, then we can go see about this city.



ralph_harris_ix ralph_harris_ix

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