I'd Rather Be in Hell

Oh Lord, my Soul to Take; Oh Lord, see me to the Gate

What they Want

The request seems simple enough: find the giant city, turn it back on, and disable whatever took it down. Do this while in a soup of magical energy powerful enough to keep an army of world-conquering monsters at bay. Easy. They got pretty ominous with the “don’t fight Vestible” stuff but I am not worried. We stopped a serpent god from coalescing in our presence, closed an interdimensional door, and survived the farthest exploration any citizen has ever made. These giants are just breaking diamonds with us.

It’s That Bad

I take it back. This is the worst place in existence. I don’t know which of the gods decided to place its asshole here, but I’ll curse all of them to be sure. Everything aches. I cant see. I’m hot-cold. HOT-COLD. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THAT WAS POSSIBLE. Both twins look miserable. Even Ki’irel doesn’t smile right away when you call her name. This place blows glass. I’m not sure I would even care if the Void took me at this point.

We’re following the only other sign of life we have found in this blasted place; pretty sure they’re trying to take us to the Gates (…holy Harold I know what that means now) but its all we have for a lead.

The End For Her 031ef870a0f42d34661f21a80631a1a2.jpg

I still expect her to just sit up and start talking. She looked so peaceful. Ki’irel fixed her bruise, cuts, and the fracture on her skull. Alcina wrapped her up. She’s out of her armor, clothed in a dress Alcina had been saving as a present. I don’t think you realize how much motion life has until you see a friend beyond the bones of the Gate. She’s just so still.

eb44295cfcd124f147e6b65f0756fefd.jpg What else could we have done? Everything happened so fast; the flyby, the crash, and her fall. Even then, we knew we could get to her, knew we could save her. But those….things, they banished her and fled. We could do nothing but chase and try to force them to bring her back. Even when this Calamandicus guy showed up and pulled us out, Alcina and Ki’irel arrived seconds too late. Ki’irel tried to pull her back….but it was not enough. I have never seen Ki’irel cry, and I am sure I never want to again.

These pale, quiet creatures haven’t done anything aggressive since we came back. Tarek was communicating with them; he apparently was able to convey our loss and our purpose in the Caldera. I’m of the opinion that the Void can take this place. I just want to go home. bed7385f8d35d8954c4d705370acd257.jpg


“I’ve lived here for over 80 years and I’ve explored the wilds outside our walls countless times with you and Loxley. I’ll go wherever you go. You know that. Wanderlust is in our blood. But every time I see Faen, Rinn, Dael, mother and father, all my heart longs for is home and I dread the thought of hugging them as I say goodbye again. I guess the only secret to it all is that I carry them with me wherever I go. So, in a way, I’m always home.”

R.I.P. Adrie

I'd Rather Be in Hell
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