Cold Air, New Faces, Clear Path
Here? Again?

I don't think there has ever been a time I have come to this Gatesdamned place and enjoyed it. Possession aside, this place just really, really blows. Getting blasted by Apollyon shortly before coming here is not helping my mood. At least we are headed to Spring, which is a place, not a season, and represents real spring, but as a location, not a thing. This is why I stuck to Abjuration and Evocation.

I think I might start my own class when we get back. If the school is still there. Was there class going on when …?

I don't know. I still don't trust Calamandicus. I don't like how he eyes the artifact I carry. Been helpful though, certainly made our lives a ton easier.

There couldn't have been class, Professor Flowers was at home. It was early. Imagine falling all that way, with no charms to help you… I wish I could afford to just sit a corner and liquor away until I stop imagining acolytes falling to their death. 

Spring will be warm. Spring will be brighter, hopefully. I just wish the fighting would start. Lithim-knows-what this "shard of divinity" does. It creeps me out a bit. I don't know how I feel about stabbing myself or anyone else with it. Looks like we might not have much of a choice, eventually.

How many students would have been in class? Void take it all, I might be dead tomorrow. Where's that jug…

No Rest for the Righteous
The beacons are lit

They certainly do not stay in one place for long. If I heard everything correctly, they talked to the Zemyan fanatics during a blood plague, made a deal with the desert nomads, and saved the Ohtsku in just a few weeks. I barely remember what was on my Abjuration exam yesterday.

They brought a terrifying (and sort of cute?) rock monster with them, to add to their collection of weird creatures. The total tally is now a sentient plant, a horse-sized blue lizard thing, gem-consuming monstrous guardian, and now this oversized rock-rodent thing. Oh and I guess Daemon's brain-dead parasite should count. I just hope they stay for a while, so that things can calm down. Everyone is preparing like tomorrow's sun won't rise, but I can't help but feel like we are overreacting a little. Surely, if this Apollyon was so strong, she would have tried to kick the door down a long time ago??

They all ran off this morning, claiming something was amiss and looking to investigate. Seems like a pretty normal fall day to me, so I just had more of Fiora's delicious porridge and stayed inside. I seriously do not understand why Daemon acts like she is feeding him poison, this stuff is unbelievably delicious. 

Just heard a loud, tearing thunderclap while writing this. Probably just those league of lotus idiots making a mess again….I guess I should check it out.

Of Mushrooms and Men
Daemon? Are you ok?

This strange place, full of strange people, have strange customs and strange desires. They seem to know that Daemon is infected with the walking horror, and yet wish to keep him alive. They want to help the Ohtsku, but not right, and maybe not soon. We must find a way to "write" a petition, simply to help the Ohtsku. It is frustrating to be here, out of the Caldera, and less able to protect the Ohtsku than before.

Alcina seems to think she can retrieve her dead sister. This is strange, since her sister is very dead, and very cold. One can't help but wonder if a sister would want to return to a body that smells like hers must. The party walks amongst the …trees(?)…. as if the very height is nothing to them. I still shudder with each step I take up the Great Oak's massive trunk.

Their home is…clean. Some of them serve others, and exchange small metal pieces for other, non-small, non-metal items. Many even find themselves watching others clean and prepare their sleeping spaces….without helping??? It is truly mystifying, the ways of these outlanders.

It is strange being….comfortable. It is difficult to sleep in a place so quiet. 

This Has Been Interesting
This week has felt like three months

Well, we found the city. It's…..big. Some of us are still reeling from the loss of Adrie. Loxely and Alcina aren't making jokes anymore, and the days only get longer with the silence.

We made it out of that ravine with the "Ohtsku," as Tarek called them. Still no fucking clue who Calamandicus is but I guess it doesn't matter. He clearly does not want to kill us right now, and that's better than most things here. The journey over was not as bad, once we knew where we were going. I guess we are all not too eager to fight the creatures that live here, since we just keep moving around them.

But now we have the city, Grüdnir. I did not expect it to be this incredibly huge, but we made it to the Causeway and fixed it. We, uh, decided to turn on the internal defenses as well; and, well, they work. Really well. Didn't lose anyone, thankfully, while it was close a couple times. The scariest part was leaving the Caldera, Brynhildr took a squadron to attack this "Conduit" thing. They did well enough; we made it out of the Caldera without getting blasted out of the sky.

It's nice to breathe fresh air again.

Take Care of Blossom for Me


To my family and friends,

If you’re reading this, then I can only apologize for the pain I have caused you. I hope this letter finds you in good health and I wish that you find solace in the knowledge that I understood this was always a possibility. While I will always beg the gods for a chance to spend a single additional minute with each of you, I understand that fate does not always favor our wishes.

To my dearest sister, Alcina:

    You are my other half. You know my heart and mind better than anyone in this life, even better than me sometimes. I cannot imagine the grief you must be experiencing. I know you though and I ask that you keep your heart open to our family and our friends. They’re all we have and they love you just as I do. No matter the circumstances of my death, I forbid you for shouldering any guilt for it. We all knew the risks we were taking as bannerettes and Caretakers. I know without a shadow of doubt that if there had been anything you could have done to prevent this outcome, you did it. Do not be saddened for my passing. This is just another transition. We will be together again. I love you.

To my closest friend, Loxley:

    I bet you never thought you’d outlive me, did you Gramps? We’ve been through some tussles and close calls before. I’m certain neither one of us saw this coming. I do hope that Gowdy isn’t too sad. Give him a snuggle from me, would you? We’ve been companions almost all your life. I hope you know that I consider you a brother. As my brother, I need you to look after Alcina. She will need your support and guidance. You’ve always been a calming voice. I’m sure that you are being hit with this just as hard as she is, but I have confidence that you’ll be able to keep her on an even keel. I’m trusting you, old man! I love you Gramps. Take care of yourself.

To my beautiful mother, Quelanna:

    You were always the lighthouse in my storm. When I was abroad and worried about losing my way, you were the beacon that guided me safely home. I can’t put into words what you’ve meant to me. I know that you worry about the boys and Alcina. You and father have been the best parents I could have ever asked for. Know that your children will be alright. You’ve done an amazing job. As I write this, the only thing that brings sadness to my heart is the knowledge that I will never get to embrace you again in this life if you read this. I beg that you do one thing for me and that is to make amends with Alcina. You know she’s always had trust issues and to find out that you were concealing the truth about our brothers couldn’t have settled well with her. I love you and we’ll see each other again.

To my father, Arannis:

    One thing I will never discredit you for is being a source of much-needed structure in my life. Without your guidance and protection, I dread to think of what may have became of my life. For this, I want you to know that I have always been thankful, no matter our disagreements. I know you’ll take care of our family. My last ask of you would be to express more compassion and flexibility towards them, especially Alcina. She favors you, you know? Definitely more-so than myself. I won’t write a message to my brothers because they are too young to properly process what has happened. I place my trust in you to tell them and ensure they are able to process it in a healthy way. I love you, you stuffy blowhard. 

To my new family:

    I regret that I’ve only met most of you within the past few months, but I feel a kinship towards you that I can only describe as familial. We’ve certainly seen some interesting things during our time together. I would lay down my life in defense of any one of yours. Ki’irel (Ki-Ki), you’ve become like a sister to me and I greatly enjoyed our time together. All the gossip sessions, peeping on those guards, and watching your determination to find justice for Rin. You possess a good soul and I don’t know if there is a darkness powerful enough to snuff your light. Please watch over our friends and keep them safe. Tarek, what can I say? I definitely appreciate a man who can hold his liquor and dissect a complicated arcane text all at the same time. If you’ve outlived me with your proclivity for explosions and dangerous magics, I will be surprised. All the same, I want you to know that you’ve become a trusted ally and I want you to help my sister better understand and grow with her abilities if you can. Midori, I’m not sure what to say here. You always seem very distant and quiet, but I have a strong feeling that your personage belies a greater destiny and power. I am saddened that I have not survived long enough to see what fate holds for you. Daemon… Oh Daemon, you are certainly one odd guy. You are extremely capable with your sword and have a fierce loyalty streak. If I knew nothing else about you, that would be enough. However, as much as you try to hide, I sense a deep well of emotion behind that stone-cold facade. I’m not sure what impact my death would have on you, considering your opinions on death. But, if you find yourself saddened, do not be. I am in no pain and I know I will see you again, my friend.

This is the part where I say goodbye, but my hands tremble as I try to finish this letter. Know that I do not fear death; we signed up for it. My greatest fear is that my absence will prevent me from being able to watch over and protect you all. So, instead of saying goodbye, I will just ask you all to do a favor for me: Be stronger than I was. Follow your hearts and protect the things you hold most dear. Our time in this life is fleeting, so cherish every moment. 





I'm Home.


I'd Rather Be in Hell
Oh Lord, my Soul to Take; Oh Lord, see me to the Gate

What they Want

The request seems simple enough: find the giant city, turn it back on, and disable whatever took it down. Do this while in a soup of magical energy powerful enough to keep an army of world-conquering monsters at bay. Easy. They got pretty ominous with the “don’t fight Vestible” stuff but I am not worried. We stopped a serpent god from coalescing in our presence, closed an interdimensional door, and survived the farthest exploration any citizen has ever made. These giants are just breaking diamonds with us.

It’s That Bad

I take it back. This is the worst place in existence. I don’t know which of the gods decided to place its asshole here, but I’ll curse all of them to be sure. Everything aches. I cant see. I’m hot-cold. HOT-COLD. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THAT WAS POSSIBLE. Both twins look miserable. Even Ki’irel doesn’t smile right away when you call her name. This place blows glass. I’m not sure I would even care if the Void took me at this point.

We’re following the only other sign of life we have found in this blasted place; pretty sure they’re trying to take us to the Gates (…holy Harold I know what that means now) but its all we have for a lead.

The End For Her 031ef870a0f42d34661f21a80631a1a2.jpg

I still expect her to just sit up and start talking. She looked so peaceful. Ki’irel fixed her bruise, cuts, and the fracture on her skull. Alcina wrapped her up. She’s out of her armor, clothed in a dress Alcina had been saving as a present. I don’t think you realize how much motion life has until you see a friend beyond the bones of the Gate. She’s just so still.

eb44295cfcd124f147e6b65f0756fefd.jpg What else could we have done? Everything happened so fast; the flyby, the crash, and her fall. Even then, we knew we could get to her, knew we could save her. But those….things, they banished her and fled. We could do nothing but chase and try to force them to bring her back. Even when this Calamandicus guy showed up and pulled us out, Alcina and Ki’irel arrived seconds too late. Ki’irel tried to pull her back….but it was not enough. I have never seen Ki’irel cry, and I am sure I never want to again.

These pale, quiet creatures haven’t done anything aggressive since we came back. Tarek was communicating with them; he apparently was able to convey our loss and our purpose in the Caldera. I’m of the opinion that the Void can take this place. I just want to go home. bed7385f8d35d8954c4d705370acd257.jpg

City in the Sky with Diamonds
I wonder if they have normal sized beds here

The arena fight was pretty close for a minute, but once we got an advantage, we were able to easily overwhelm them. They’re competent though, should probably watch them in the future. We immediately met some of them after the fight, seemed nice enough. After the big event, we headed back to Lotus Hall and prepped for our departure in the morning.


The council sent this fat obnoxious dwarf named Glatur Metalbreaker with us. He was useful for a second when he handed up fly potions, but other than that he just talked with the giants for a minute, then flew off to talk to the rest of the council. Not super helpful, to be honest. The city is pretty cool, seems like. Its a mobile frontier outpost, from what I can tell. There are barracks, practice fields, and a large wall all the way around the city. Seems kinda like what we might see in the Raven district.
Oh yeah, the giants. They need help with something, apparently. Big surprise, right? One of their other flying cities is lost, and some terrifying threat or some other is rising in the North. We will probably have to go crush it or stop it or something. I don’t know, but right now we just wait until the dwarf guy sends word to help them.


A Favor Down

Professor flowers asked us to do him a favor: find a couple doors in the mine of Lower Oakenheart and close them. Seemed simple enough.

Oh boy, that wasn’t even close to true

The “mine” was a minor death trap, designed to keep out intruders. Beyond the traps and death, a ethereal procession of ghosts looking to walk into the afterlife greeted us. Then, unbeknownst to us, one of them possessed Tarek! After getting pretty spooked, we continued on down into the mine, and ran into these six weird guys dressed in full armor. They were incredibly tall, and standing next to them felt like standing next to a giant, although they were not quite as tall. They spoke in the most infuriatingly confusing manner, referring to us as Those-that-have-come-around or something and themselves as Those-that-stand-before but one of them is one-who-went-before and he isnt supposed to be that, but hes gone and they might unmake the way or something, WHATEVER.

The Upside Down

We eventually figured out that we needed to go through the open door and find our dude-who-went-somewhere. On the way, the ghostie inside Tarek freaked out, and we had to subdue it (and him, go figure) before proceeding. Once we were on the other side, we ended up in a place of fog and shadows. Loxley managed to find tracks through the fog, and we set out in pursuit of the one-who-went-before. We found him getting feasted on by this gross black predator; we fought it and some small, dead-smelling minions, bringing the doorman back to life immediately after. Six more of the same predators popped up after the doorman took off running back to the portal, and you better believe we sprinted after him. Once we got to the door, the one-who-is-now-before-I-guess turned around and incinerated our pursuers (by the gods, how did he get dragged out in the first place then?). He then shut the door, we did our duty, and woke up at home in Lotus hall. If it wasn’t for the fact that we all remembered our experiences (mostly, sorry Tarek!), I would have thought it was some weird fever dream. Oh broke diamonds, the arena fight is tomorrow? We lost a week??

Trial Run
Justice I Suppose

Ril goes free

After the trial, Ril is a free woman. Registered and entrusted to work her penance for the us, Ril is now able to slowly and properly integrate her children into society. The trial wasn’t without its revelations and struggles, but it ended well enough.


The envoy from the City of Night is preparing to leave, after opening trade options with Oakenheart. In the west, Brightpointe has made contact with a nomadic race of scorpion like sentients. They seem to be open to trade, and talks have commenced with only a few conflicts.
On the horizon, however, a massive flying object approaches the city. It looks like a fortress resting on a solid foundation of bedrock, with massively tall creatures standing on its walls. We are sent to investigate, once the city draws nearer to the forest. Arena fight first, then we can go see about this city.


New, Old, and Everything In-Between
What a crazy couple weeks.

First, the Debt Collectors

Turns out, Ulfric, RIl’s brother, owed some gambling debts. These debts were picked up by a group of collectors known as the Aqueduct Gang. You and your friends set out to see how you could possibly resolve this debt, and approached a dragonborn named Maliath, a subordinate to a rather shadowy, quiet boss.

More than just a Gang

While they wouldn’t quite admit to sending the worm-like hunter after Ril, you were all very suspicious; you tried to force the answer out. This angered the shadowy figure, who revealed himself to be a terrifying beholder! While you and the party survived the encounter, it was clear that the beholder you fought was merely a shade of its real power. Stuck and confused within the complex, you all regrouped to find a way out.

The Lower City

Eventually, poking around the little chamber revealed a path below the city; secret tunnels led to darker, warmer passages. A long walk down many stairs led to a wide open cave; vast and enormous, the expanse before contained a specter of the city above. Similar in make up, with familiar, out of place landmarks, this lower city is ages older than the one above. Tentative, but curious, you and your party spent time exploring the various nooks and crannies of the abandoned city, looking for the reason why it was abandoned, and how it exists below the city above.

The Chamber of the Gods

At the city center, your friends and you found yourselves staring into a eerie-ly perfect copy of the doors to the Chamber of the Gods in the city above. Wrapped in vines and roots, the door remained closed to you. You were followed here, however. Lukhal Forgemaul, aka Professor Flowers, revealed himself to you. He also spoke as the guardian of the ground you walked on. While Adrie lit into him about his callous attitude towards the Aqueduct Gang’s traversing of his “protected realm,” he revealed that all the party needed to do to pass into the chamber was to ask for permission. Adrie, frustrated, but unable to make any headway with Prof. Flowers, turned to the door and grudgingly asked to be allowed in.

A Vision of Time

Once inside, you were greeted with a strange sight: ten thrones and chairs of various sizes and shapes, one blasted and broken. After resolving the odd riddle of the room, where the Void was a player on a throne and one throne was extra, you were all filled with a vision; a vision of history.

You saw the world as it once was; vast, beautiful. You bore witness to the founding of Oakenheart. Weary travelers, brothers in oppression and ostracism, banded together to build a city that would welcome all it could with open arms. As time passed, the city survived attacks on its walls and its sovereignty. It grew and expanded to what the ruined city once was; and bore witness to an attack that not even the proud and mighty denizens could defeat. Legions of undead, demons, and other monstrosities raged across the land, spurred on by their evil masters. Desperate, with no other resort, a small group of adventurers uncovered an item of untold power: a black jewel, darker than the emptiness between worlds.

Loathe to use it, but left with little choice, the adventurers banded together to use the artifact. They clashed with and struck down the gods below, who sought to burn the world, and the gods above, who did nothing to prevent its downfall amidst their petty politics. In their desperation, however, they did not anticipate how deeply ingrained the gods were in the making of the world; and in saving the world, the now-godly adventurers destroyed it. A few gods, faithful to their own, descended to the world of the Material and saved what they could. Oakenheart appeared to rest peacefully throughout the turmoil.

Eventually, the Cataclysm passed, and the New world was born. The new gods debated over what to do with the jewel, where one god, unrecognized by your party, argued passionately. You did not see what eventually came to pass.

The Gifting Room

Pulled from the vision, and resolved that there was nothing else to see, you made your way out of the chamber, and into the city at large. A little bit more exploring, and you found yourself standing again at the doors. A keen eye in the party discerned that there was a path up the trunk, eventually resolving into stairs. Making your way up the tree brought you to a smaller chamber, with illusory guards. Illusions turned to danger, as two stone guardians arose from the ground, attacking the party! With only the slightest of danger, you and your companions managed to defeat the guardians, although your exhaustion was beginning to show. Tarek took a look at a grate protecting a door at the other end of the room. After touching it however, he was struck with an hallucination and went temporarily mad, accidentally injuring his companions. He recovered, eventually, and then the party was able to access the room beyond. Within this room floated 9 fires, of various colors and shapes. Continuously holding onto one consumed the bearer. Each party member grabbed one, moving on into the light.

You Awaken at Home.



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